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Facility Usage Request

Facility Usage Request

Request Form

MANHATTAN-OGDEN USD 383 FACILITY USE RULES and REGULATIONS Listed below are rules and regulations that apply to the use or rental of USD 383 school facilities.

1. Scheduling: Facility requests must be made at least 10 days in advance of requested date(s). Less than 10 days’ notice may result in denial of use due to lack of time to secure staffing. The completed "Facility Request Form", “Facility Use Agreement” and a certificate of liability insurance must be returned to the Building Administrator for approval of date availability, purpose of use, and administrator’s signature. The Building Administrator will forward the request to the Superintendent's Office for final approval and estimation of fees. A copy of the approved use request and estimate of fees will be sent to the requestor/user via e-mail.

2. A certificate of liability insurance shall be filed with the Building Administrator before use is permitted. Facility use will be denied without proof of current liability insurance. (See your business, organization or personal insurance agent for documentation.)

3. Fees: Fees will be estimated in advance. Actual fees will be billed following the event or on a monthly basis for multiple-day or seasonal use.

4. Payment: Payment shall be due within 10 days of receipt of bill for facility use. Payment should be attached to a copy of the facility request and sent to the Superintendent's Office at the address listed below. Failure to pay a bill in a timely manner will result in cancellation of additional scheduled dates and/or denial of future use requests.

5. School facilities may be made available for use by youth or community groups between the hours of 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm Monday through Friday during the school year, except when facilities are in use for school activities. Approval of weekend or summer use is dependent upon availability of district staffing. District facilities are not available for rent on national or district holidays.

6. Requests for use of USD 383 facilities during the school year will not be considered prior to August 15, and shall not exceed one school year. Rental of school facilities is intended for short-term use and not to provide permanent housing for any organization.

7. The person requesting use of a school facility and the adult in charge must be 21 years of age or older. The adult in charge must be in attendance, is responsible for the actions of the group and assumes responsibility for cost to repair/replace building/equipment which has been damaged while being used by group/organization specified on permit. The adult in charge is required to provide adequate supervision of all participants and spectators. Otherwise, the district will provide supervisory or security personnel at the user’s expense, or may cancel future use by the group.

8. The adult in charge is required to arrive prior to the gathering of the group and remain until all participants have left and the facility is inspected and secured by the school employee on duty.

9. Use of the building is strictly confined to the area(s) designated in the permit.

10. Use of school equipment, i.e. stage lighting, scoreboard, game clock, p.a. or sound system shall be permitted only with prior approval and when operated by trained and approved personnel.

11. Tobacco use, drug use, alcoholic beverages, gambling and/or other improper conduct within the building or on school property is prohibited.

12. Use of school facilities shall be without additional costs to the district. Fees and/or rental charges will cover costs of wages for school personnel required to work and utilities/products consumed. The rental fee begins when set-up for the event begins by district staff or, if no set-up is required, the user starts using the facility and ends when the facility is cleaned and secured.

13. Groups using the facility at no cost other than utilities are to leave the facility clean and orderly; otherwise a custodial fee will be assessed.

14. A building custodian or district staff member is required to be on duty/present during use. If the building principal deems it necessary to have additional school personnel on duty for setup/clean up and/or supervision, the additional costs will also be charged to the group renting the facility.

15. Cancellation: By district - Permits are subject to cancellation if the facility is needed for school purposes. By user – Cancellation of use must be called in to the building 24 hours prior to scheduled use, or staffing fees will be assessed.

16. Under certain circumstances, advance payment and/or a deposit may be required.