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Student Records and Transcripts

Records and Transcripts

Manhattan High School Transcripts

There are two different offices that process MHS transcript requests. The office you need to submit your transcript request to is determined by when you last attended Manhattan High School.

Since there are differences in policy, procedures, and forms that are submitted between the two offices, it is important to ensure your request is directed to the correct office for processing.

Please select the statement below that best reflects when you last attended MHS to determine which office you will contact to process your MHS transcript request.

Electronic Transcript Information

It's easy, it's secure and it's available 24/7.

Here's how:

  • Sign up by identifying your school and provide some information about yourself, including your email address. 
  • Choose the destinations where you want to send your transcripts. 
  • Transcripts will be uploaded to the Docufide by the registrar. You'll be emailed by Docufide to confirm that they've been electronically sent. For colleges (and other destinations) that accept transcripts electronically, you'll even receive confirmation when they receive them.


Q. What is Secure Transcript™? 

A. It is a revolutionary new service that automates the ordering, processing and delivery of student transcripts for both secondary and postsecondary education. Secure Transcript gives students online convenience, saves school registrars time and effort with a web-based workflow management tool, and provides consistent, secure transcripts to receiving institutions.

Q. How does the service work?

A. A student at a participating high school links to Docufide's website, enters personal information and selects a password, then chooses where they want to send transcripts. These transcript requests are made available electronically to registrars who will approve the requests and upload student transcripts electronically to Docufide. Docufide then delivers official transcripts according to the receiving college's preference. The student receives email confirmation when the transcripts are sent, and if delivered electronically, when received as well.

Q. Is a Secure Transcript official?

A. Yes. Schools who contract with Docufide legally appoint Docufide as their exclusive "agent" allowing them to send official school transcripts on their behalf.

Q. How is personal information kept safe?

A. Every sending and receiving institution is authenticated by Docufide, and all transmissions between them are carried over secure channels. Docufide employs the same Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that powers today's on-line banking solutions.

Q: Can my parent or guardian order a transcript for me?

A: If you are a student under 18, your parents can order transcripts for you. If you are a student/former student OVER 18, you must make the request. Requests from parents/spouses/etc. will not be honored without prior authorization given by the student or power of attorney.


For CURRENT high school students and the most recent year's graduates or students who have withdrawn in the last FOUR years, contact the MHS Registrar in the Counseling office at MHS-West 785-587-2100.

For ALUMNI beyond the most current graduates and withdrawn students BEYOND four years, please contact the Records Office at the Robinson Education Center 785-587-2000.