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About Us

About Us

photo of a networking switch

All K-12th grade Manhattan-Ogden students are empowered with a 1:1 environment using iPads. In addition, all certified staff also are assigned an Apple laptop.  The district also supports a large number of projectors, printers, and Apple TVs in the classroom. Our Information Technology (IT) department team consists of 14.5 staff members. In total there are over 10,000 computers and mobile devices that are supported by our IT department.

In addition to devices, our IT department maintains a hybrid of on-site and cloud-based servers. The district has fiber connectivity across all 13 classroom buildings and nine support buildings.  Internet access is through dual 10G fiber optic connections. The district has nearly 100% WIFI coverage across its buildings. Our IT department also supports the telephony network and camera system for the district.

Our IT department administers a variety of cloud-based information systems for the district. The district utilizes Microsoft Office 365 as the main productivity platform for collaboration, content creation, and common authentication. The district uses Infinite Campus as its Student Information System (SIS) for managing attendance, scheduling, transcripts, registration, etc. The district uses Canvas as the Learning Management System (LMS) for teachers to manage coursework and assignments.

The Technology Integration Educational Support (TIES) staff helps with training and professional development for teachers in the use of technology in the classroom. Our department works closely with TIES staff and the Teaching & Learning department to integrate these information systems with other curriculum platforms and educational applications to increase academic engagement and personalize learning.

Mike Ribble, Ed.D.
Director of Technology